Forest Park Pool

A private membership Swim-Club

Become a member !

Please note the special instructions on the home page for this years COVID plagued season.

Forest Park Swim club is a member owned association. Established in 1963 it offers a relaxing, family friendly atmosphere with many fun activities and a safe environment for kids and adults.

We offer an affordable family membership with no initial signup fees and flexible payment options.

Please read here about the details and benefits of becoming a member. 

To sign up print and fill out the forms here then drop them off at the pool, or you can fill out an application on the spot at the pool.

For more details contact Jin Noo via email  or call (925) 231-5291

If you are not quite ready to plunge right in, or maybe you would like to test the water first, we have "Open House" events as listed on the Hours & Events page. Come by and check us out !

We accept Credit Cards

Renewal Choices

A $18 online pay convenience fee is included in the above items per transaction.

If you need to pay an amount other than those given in the choices above you can ask our treasurer to send you a PayPal invoice via e-mail.