Forest Park Pool

A private membership Swim-Club

Grounds and Facilities Improvements

Thanks to the foresight and vision of our board of directors the pool has enjoyed numerous improvement projects over the years. Starting with decorative walls and planter boxes for flowers and shrubs a few years back, followed by a new lawn and and brick walkways up front to improvement of the patio space in the rear, the pool has seen continuous improvements over the last years.

At the bottom of the sea...

Lyn Bergen, a member of FPSA and artist extraordinaire, painted this beautiful mural as part of her work party duties.  She has worked as an artist for Disneyland and movie companies alike.

The pictures below can't really capture the close attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into this work, nor does it fully express the vibrancy of the final product. You just have to come and see for yourself.


Hurray !! Shade !

The old shade structure is no more. Over the winter months a new all metal shade structure has arisen in it's place, which not only provides shade but also shelter in case of rain, a much welcomed feature should there be a cloud burst when you are having a party! Thanks to all the members who helped with the project.